[Development] Qt 5.2 RC1 candidate packages available

Yves Bailly yves.bailly at sescoi.fr
Mon Dec 2 08:59:57 CET 2013

Greetings everyone,

Le 28/11/2013 14:36, Heikkinen Jani a écrit :
> We have finally Qt 5.2 RC1 candidate packages available in
> http://download.qt-project.org/snapshots/qt/5.2/5.2.0-rc1/2013-11-28_179/ . Mirroring is ongoing so
> it is possible that all packages aren’t visible yet but will be soon …

Again a great thanks for all this tremendous work...

Just a question for the "post-5.2.0" era, i.e. 5.2.1: can we expect pre-built binaries for
both MinGW 64bits and Visual C++ 2013 (OpenGL 64bits) ?

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