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Tue Dec 3 19:43:16 CET 2013

<snip, C++ Now 2014 Conference>

Thiago Macieira wrote:
> Anyone else wants to submit this time?
> This year, as representatives of the Qt Project, we had Charley Bay, Tony van
> Eerd and me. I'd like a few more Qt devs showing up and presenting our more...
> ahem, pragmatic / conservative... solutions to other C++ library devs.

This was my first time at the C++Now! conference in 2013 -- previously
named "BoostCon".

Here's a "heads-up!" for the this email list (my impressions) regarding C++Now!:

(1) This is a really tough crowd.  Very strong C++ language lawyers
and practitioners, including many voting members of the C++ Standards
Committee.  Very high-powered/intensive discussions on current and
future C++.  By "tough crowd", I mean you can't impress them with
run-of-the-mill understanding or assertion.  However, be aware that
they are very clearly welcoming to attendees at any level of
understanding, they work hard to have "small-get-togethers" and
discussions with people at all levels of practice and understanding,
and you will absolutely walk away a better software professional no
matter your current experience.

(2) Thiago had *THREE* talks accepted last year.  Really super-human
effort was required out of him, and all three were very well-received
as strong technical talks regarding topics well-understood in the Qt
community, but which were "fresh" and "new" to that group (including
C++ practitioners, but also many Boost contributors/maintainers and
C++ Standards voting members).  So, if any Qt-developer/maintainer
were interested in submitting, those experiences and challenges are
uniquely "fresh" to this group, IMHO.  The word, "PRACTICAL!" comes to
mind regarding all things Qt, whereas Boost and the C++ language
advancement IMHO would be closer to the words, "CLEVER!" or "NOVEL!"

(3) Registrations will fill up quickly if you plan on attending (they
cap at 250 attendees).  If you're looking for a C++ conference, I
don't know that there is a better one.

(4) I'm intending on submitting a talk, "Extreme OO In the Era of
C++11".  Not specifically a Qt-talk, but I'm thinking about a talk
related to Qt/QML "Plugins".  (I spoke on them at DevDays-SanFran.)
That might be a better talk for C++14, that is considering adding
"Modules" as a new feature of the C++ language.

I think it would be great to have more Qt devs/maintainers there...


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> Hi,
> Only 5 days left before the submissions deadline for C++Now 2014!
> C++Now is a general C++ conference for C++ experts and enthusiasts.
> It is not specific to any library/framework or compiler vendor and
> has three tracks with presentations ranging from hands-on, practical
> tutorials to advanced C++ design and development techniques. For more
> information about C++Now, see the conference's website:
> http://cppnow.org/about/
> Have you learned something interesting about C++ (e.g., a new technique
> possible in C++11)? Or maybe you have implemented something cool related
> to C++ (e.g., a C++ library)? If so, consider sharing it with other C++
> enthusiasts by giving a talk at C++Now 2014. For more information on
> possible topics, formats, etc., see the call for submissions:
> http://cppnow.org/2013/10/21/2014-call-for-submissions/
> Boris
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