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>>>>> As Kenneth reminds us[1], Microsoft is ending the security updates for
>>>>> Windows XP in April 2014. That's about when we plan to release Qt 5.3.
>>>> Actually ANGLE (one of the OpenGL backends we have for Windows) doesn't support Windows XP already now, which is why e.g. Qt Creator 3.0 will not support it either in 5.2.
>>> Another option would be to build Qt Creator 3.0 for Windows using
>>> desktop OpenGL and have an option in the installer to install the Mesa
>>> LLVMpipe software renderer. I have written some instructions for cross
>>> compiling Mesa for Windows here:
>>> http://qt-project.org/wiki/Cross-compiling-Mesa-for-Windows
>> I think even if Qt will still support Windows XP (as a deployment platform) it is completely fine if the pre-built Qt Creator packages do not. At least I don’t think we should at this point start investing a lot of time on this.
>> Of course if someone writes down instructions on how one can build Qt Creator even for Windows XP somewhere in our wiki (or maybe even extending/fixing the README in Qt Creator’s sources), that’d be a perfectly welcome addition ;)
> You don't need to do anything special for building Qt Creator for Windows XP.
> The Qt libraries just need to be built targetting desktop OpenGL.
> If you have proper OpenGL 2.1 drivers, run Qt Creator as normal.
> If you don't, copy Mesa's opengl32.dll to same folder as qtcreator.exe and then run Qt Creator.

Well, then rephrase “build Qt Creator” to “use Qt Creator”, or something similar. Point is, there is no guarantee that a prebuilt Qt Creator just runs on your WinXP installation.

> Regards,
> Jonathan
>> My 2 1/2 cents,
>> Eike
>>> Regards,
>>> Jonathan
>>>>> Should we stop supporting Windows XP? Is there anything we can improve in
>>>>> our codebase if we do?
>>>> I don't know about the codebase, but given the feedback for Qt Creator there are still a lot of people using XP even as a development platform ... so I'd expect quite some backslash if we completely drop support for Windows XP, at least for 'traditional' QWidget based apps.
>>>> My 2 cents
>>>> Kai
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