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> On sábado, 21 de dezembro de 2013 14:23:10, Kurt Pattyn wrote:
>> Qt currently supports the following ‘severity’ levels for logging: Debug,
>> Warning, Critical, Fatal and System.
>> I propose to add the following levels: Info and Error, with associated
>> methods qInfo() and qError(). Particularly, the Info severity can be
>> interesting to have applications output log messages that are not warnings,
>> but also not debug messages. Error would fit between Warning and Critical.
> See the Gerrit submissions for the logging framework.

Can you be more precise what you mean? I have been looking into Gerrit, but have found nothing regarding info and error severities.
The logging framework is making use of the QMessageLogger class. Having an info and error severity, would benefit the logging framework as well (and make it more syslog-alike).
I’ve already submitted a patch on the dev branch (https://codereview.qt-project.org/#change,74338) with the required changes.

I am also wondering what the best way is to make use of ‘facilities’ in the logging framework. Some applications need a clear separation between auditing logs (read security related events) and normal application events.
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