[Development] src/plugins/platforms/eglfs compilation error

David Faure david.faure at kdab.com
Mon Dec 30 21:20:06 CET 2013

Same old story: the Xlib.h headers #define None, breaking the None in qurl.h

This breaks compilation of qtbase/src/plugins/platforms/eglfs in stable branch 
for me.

Including Qt headers after egl headers works around it, but it would have to 
be done in many .cpp files... (I only tried on qeglfsintegration.cpp)


Xlib.h is included by 
which is included by
which is included by
which is included by
which is included by
which is included by
which is included by
qeglfsintegration.cpp before it includes Qt headers, such
as qguiapplication_p.h -> qwindowsysteminterface.h -> qevent.h -> qurl.h

I am very surprised that this passed the CI and that others aren't affected.

Well, src/3rdparty/angle isn't supposed to be in the include path on Linux?

And/or it shouldn't generate forwarding headers, when angle is not used.

I do have /usr/include/EGL/egl.h btw.

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