[Development] Creating an offline installer

Yves Bailly yves.bailly at sescoi.fr
Wed Jul 17 10:41:23 CEST 2013

Le 17/07/2013 09:38, Yves Bailly a écrit :
> Le 17/07/2013 09:19, Andreas Holzammer a écrit :
>> -----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----->>> Then you can call the script with --incremental and he should
>>>> just go forward.
>>> Nope... now it complains it can't find qmake:
>> Hm did you remove the directory D:\qt\release-tools\ifw-bld ?
>> hope then it works.
> Removed the folder, but still the same complain about missing qmake. Nevermind, compiling
> "manually" then I'll move the files where needed...

So here where I am now.

I build the downloaded Qt 4.8.4 "manually" in release-tools/qt-src, using the configure recommended
in http://qt.gitorious.org/installer-framework/installer-framework/blobs/master/INSTALL.

Then I copied everything from release-tools/qt-src to release-tools/qt-bld, so that the
"create_installer.py" script can find the needed "qmake.exe" - I know, copying everything
is most probably overkill, but at least it's simple and easy.

Restarting the script, it choked on being unable to open a file for writing:
##### get components data #####
         adding  to qt.desktop.511.msvc2012_32

0: -create Error-Exception: "Cannot open file D:\qt\release-tools\pkg\qt.desktop.511.msvc2012_32\data 
for writing: Access denied."
caught exception: Cannot open file D:\qt\release-tools\pkg\qt.desktop.511.msvc2012_32\data for 
writing: Access denied.

But it's a directory, not a file... maybe some system lock remaining somewhere, I'm on Windows after all.
Relaunching the script, fixed a few things here and there in config files, finally I get an
off-line installer... which has a size of 12MB, impressive given the size of my binaries archive, which
is actually 191MB... seems I created an empty installer.

I'll continue trying to get something usable, but I'm getting close to give up. All that work so that 
can use the binaries I compiled on my machine, it begins to be quite expensive. I've promoted Qt for 
but I'm having hard times here.

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