[Development] [QtQuick] Mouse/Touch handling from Qt CS

André Somers andre at familiesomers.nl
Fri Jul 26 14:32:50 CEST 2013

Op 25-7-2013 18:06, Alan Alpert schreef:
>> Ironically it was pointed out again after Doug Englebart's recent passing that from the beginning, he assumed that a multi-user multi-tasking computer would of course require multiple mice, so that each user can interact with objects on the screen independently.  45 years later, we still haven't gotten around to treating that as the mainstream use case.  It could be one of the last reasons left to use a desktop or large-screen computer.
> Most people seem to have discarded the idea as impractical approx. 45
> years ago. Without a screen the size of a house (which we only just
> now have with 4K Projectors), you get in each others way and there
> isn't even the physical volume of fingers to help stop that. But my
> point is that it's more important for Qt to support the interaction
> paradigms that are established in the market, like single cursor and
> capacitive multi-touch, than speculative or unpopular models. Those
> are just a bonus.
This [1] is a video that shows a research project at Adobe together with 
a large technology magazine. Unfortunately, the narration is in Dutch, 
but even if you don't understand that language, the interactions with 
the UI might give you some idea of when and how multi-user interactions 
within the same application may be useful. Sure, this is not the main 
use case yet, but also consider developments like the Surface tables 
where interaction with multiple users at the same time becomes more and 
more a realistic option. If even two years ago we'all did not think 
multitouch a critical feature and realize in what world we live now, 
then perhaps we should not underestimate the importance of these 
developments. How can Qt stay relevant if it only begins development of 
features when they are already mainstream elsewhere?



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