[Development] Bug management and jira workflow

Blasche Alexander Alexander.Blasche at digia.com
Wed Jul 31 10:31:23 CEST 2013


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> On terça-feira, 30 de julho de 2013 11:00:22, Blasche Alexander wrote:
> > How do I set an estimation value? There must be a way to specify the
> > estimation/target. Please don’t offer the Meta task for release x.y option
> > or just a comment. A filter must be able to find the tasks planned for
> > release x.y .
> The idea from the people in the discussion was that we shouldn't estimate.
> We're very bad at it.
> Instead of estimating, I'd go for some generic names that match the
> branches:
> 	any release
> 	any minor (feature) release
> 	any major release
> This is not estimation, it's just information about which type of release can
> contain the change. And those won't require jolly-bumping of versions after
> a
> release.

Hm this doesn't help me since I have tasks which I want to achieve for the next release (e.g. 5.2) and some which I want for "any minor release" thereafter. It is merely a todo list for myself. If it is about the bumping then I am happy to bump my own tasks but I need to maintain the list for the next minor release. As long as it is not closed it is not 100% sure anyway. 

Why don't we accept that any "fix in" for a non-closed task is a bad estimate. No guarantee. Then we don't have any problems here.


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