[Development] QT5.x resource usage

JaiJun Li jiajun2009 at gmail.com
Tue Jul 16 13:01:11 CEST 2013

After transforming a gui project created and finished in QT4.8 to QT5.1, I
found the CPU load is up to 100% in Task Manger, and RAM consumption is
also much heavier.

Please notice the parameters under no operation conditions:
4.8             CPU load is 0%, RAM consumption is 20M
5.1             CPU load is always in 25+% (4 cores), RAM consumption is

Obviously, it continually refreshes UI in QT5.1.

By analyzing UI and adding file one by one, I did find some of UI with
circle animations cause high CPU load. But after I blocked these
animations, the CPU load went up as the number of UI increased, and RAM
consumption grew at the rate of dozens of hundreds of KB per second as well.

Using QML Analyzer, it showed the refresh of animation timer in Painting
occupy the system resource. And under no operation the refresh ratio also
goes up to approximate 100 fps. At this time, no visual circle animation
exists on UI. Even though I deleted circle animation it did not help. I
guess the cause would be other one-time animations, because these
animations may were not terminated correctly and were constantly sending
refresh signals.

Since the QT5.X occupies much system resource when running, so I am not
able to transform the project and have to use QT4.8.

I wonder whether someone else has this problem, or who could help me figure
out it, even just give some comments?
Thanks. I love you all.

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