[Development] QtQml/QtQuick in Jira

Chao Caroline Caroline.Chao at digia.com
Tue Jun 4 12:14:33 CEST 2013


The components structure in the bug tracker for Qt Qml and Qt Quick 2 (qtdeclarative repository) under the Qt project has been changed.

The Qt component 'Declarative(QML)' has been split into QtQml and QtQuick components.

A - QtQml (Alan)

The Qt Qml modules defines and implements the QML language and engine infrastructure.
If you encounter issues using the QtQml API you should now log bugs in the QtQml component.

- QtQml (Alan) - 

B - QtQuick

The Qt Quick module provides all the basic types necessary for creating user interfaces with QML.

If you need to report an issue against QtQuick, please choose one of the following components:

- QtQuick: Core (Alan) (https://bugreports.qt-project.org/browse/QTBUG/component/20121)
 For issues regarding the C++ API and the elements in the QtQuick import
- QtQuick: Particles (Alan)
- QtQuick: Dialogs (Shawn -  new in Qt 5.1)
- QtQuick: Other (Alan)
For the elements in the other QtQuick imports, such as QtQuick.Window, QtQuick.LocalStorage, QtQuick.XmlListModel...
For info some QtQuick APIs are provided by other modules and you can also find:

- QtQuick: Controls (Jens - new in Qt 5.1)
- QtQuick: Layouts (Jan-Arve new in Qt 5.1)
- QtQuick: SceneGraph (Gunnar)
- QtQuick: Graphical Effect (Gunnar)

Hopefully it will make it easier to find the right component and to search for issues.

Note the Declarative (QML1/QtQuick1) component is still used to report bugs against Qt Qml and Qt Quick 1 (qtquick1 repository)


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