[Development] New installers available

Turunen Tuukka Tuukka.Turunen at digia.com
Tue Jun 18 16:50:29 CEST 2013

On 18.6.2013 17.44, "Stephen Kelly" <stephen.kelly at kdab.com> wrote:
>However, qt5.git has contained a submodule update with this patch since
>yesterday afternoon. The only remaining task is to roll updated packages,
>which seems far less problematic/flaky than CI.

There are actually quite many steps to take also for the packaging,
getting all needed packages to build, check that they are ok, update
online repositories etc etc after the submodule update has been completed.
Most of these are automated, but there is also significant amount of
manual work involved.

The fact that we cover a very large number of different platforms and
configurations as well as alternate ways of distribution brings a lot of
value for the users, but it also adds a lot to the effort needed to deploy
a successful release.



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