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Thorbjørn Martsum tmartsum at gmail.com
Sun Mar 3 21:04:05 CET 2013

>I'm very much in favour of opening this up. I think the Qt Project can
only win with a more liberal policy here.

I am glad to hear, and I have impatiently since waited for something to
happen, since I would really like to have access to re-open and close bugs.
I think it is annoying that I have to poke people with something needs to
be closed (or re-open and closed) due some Gerrit changes.

>I don't think we should be afraid of someone closing a valid bug by

That does indeed seem pretty unlikely and (like Frederik stated) watchers
of the bug will probably catch such a mistake fast, and if everyone can
re-open a bug then it seems like a no problem. If somebody by accident
closes a valid bug in jira and no-one notice, then it really can't be a
high priority problem ...

(Furthermore Re-open for everybody shouldn't be a problem either. I assume
it is theoretic that people will keep re-opening things that is won't/can't
fix .. but even if it became a problem, it is far better to have such a
problem than having 10 reports about the same)

So I would like to +1 for Frederik Gladhorns suggestion. However a (clear)
decision will have to be made (the sooner the better :) ) - and if it
involves work then someone needs to be assigned that task ...

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