[Development] Qt Platform Extras

Samuel Rødal samuel.rodal at digia.com
Mon Mar 4 08:13:29 CET 2013

On 03/01/2013 11:22 AM, Friedemann Kleint wrote:
> Hi,
>   >I suppose it would not be a detriment. Where do you draw the line?
> Which platforms, what functions and types? Here are some candidate types
> for constructors and conversion operators...
> The thing to keep in mind is basically that the decision to remove the
> pixmap conversion functions was mainly motivated by the situation on
> Linux. With Qt 5, it is possible to run executables by the same build of
> Qt with different platform plugins (XCB/X11 or Wayland, for example).
> QtGui no longer links against libX11/libXCB and thus for example
> QPixmap::x11PictureHandle() can no longer be provided within #ifdefs in
> Qt 5.
> The situation on Mac and Windows is different, though, in that there is
> basically only one platform plugin (running Windows/Mac with Wayland is
> a slightly theoretical possibility). QtGui already links against the
> libraries that provide the image conversion functions and it is easily
> possible to provide the image conversion functions within #ifdef Q_OS_XX.

What about things such as offscreen platform plugins used for testing? 
Or what about a theoretical platform plugin that would stream rendering 
commands to somewhere else? Imagine running wayland clients on Mac or 
Windows for instance, with the server being a Linux machine. Or a 
platform plugin that lets you run your Qt applications inside Second Life.

There might be these and other use cases on Windows and Mac in the 
future, so I wouldn't recommend going back to the Qt 4 way of thinking.


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