[Development] Qt for iOS - iOSStyle

Frank Hemer frank at hemer.org
Wed Mar 13 12:58:45 CET 2013

On Wednesday 13 March 2013 04:46:43 joao morgado wrote:
> I really don't understand why QtWidgets are not suitable for mobile
> plataforms. What is the technicall reason ? Following the Qt "code once
> deploy everywhere" I have apps with pratically the same code for desktop,
> symbian and Blackberry. Sometimes the requirements for technicall /
> engineering apps are just to have minimal, simple, accurate, funtional app
> interface instead of a shiny, full of glow interface, and thats perflectly
> achievable with Widgets. As for iOS style, I think it could be done for
> mobile the same way it is done for desktop, even if it's not 100% native.

Indeed - even though there a some issues to be taken into account (screensize 
etc). I fully agree with you.

I have a (huge) application developed for any kind of device - with a really 
long product livecycle - which was initially designed to support multiple 
screen sizes as well as different mobile devices (tablets and such) and I see 
absolutely no reason for not using this approach. Especially in case where the 
usability and way of usage are defined off the default road: i.e. having an 
application private style and usage metaphors.


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