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joao morgado joaodeusmorgado at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 13 17:07:37 CET 2013

To Richard: 
What your saying makes perfect sense to me, and whatever solution your team comes up with, for iOS style, I'm sure it will be handsome, (it's Qt we're talking after all  :)  ). 

Just some toughts from an humble indie developer:  regarding QML iOS style (and QML in general), I would like to see basic components (buttons, sliders, edit boxes, lists, .... ) working out of the box in QML Designer. I admit QML sintaxe looks easy compare to C++, but to me (and to many other developers) it's a pain to have to code QML basic stuff like buttons, etc..., by hand, something that is done nicely and beautifully in just a few minutes in Widget Designer, just by dragging and droping. Last time I checked QML Designer was terrible broken, I admit I havent checked latest Qt5.xx version to see if that changed.  

Regarding QML in general, another think that puzzles me a lot is, I keep seeing coming different set of components: harmattan, symbian, the desktop components, Jolla Silica, ... That's ok, but here is "code once deploy every where" ? Technically would it be hard to ship standard QML components working for all plataforms (even if we would have to make small adaptations for each plataform) ? This lack of standard QML components, to me (and possible many other developers) is what stopping me from head jumpig into the QML wagon .

João de Deus

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On Mar 13, 2013, at 12:58 PM, Frank Hemer <frank at hemer.org>

> On Wednesday 13 March 2013 04:46:43 joao morgado wrote:
>> I really don't understand why QtWidgets are not suitable for mobile
>> plataforms. What is the technicall reason ? Following the Qt "code once
>> deploy everywhere" I have apps with pratically the same code for desktop,
>> symbian and Blackberry. Sometimes the requirements for technicall /
>> engineering apps are just to have minimal, simple, accurate, funtional app
>> interface instead of a shiny, full of glow interface, and thats perflectly
>> achievable with Widgets. As for iOS style, I think it could be done for
>> mobile the same way it is done for desktop, even if it's not 100% native.
> Indeed - even though there a some issues to be taken into account (screensize 
> etc). I fully agree with you.
> I have a (huge) application developed for any kind of device - with a really 
> long product livecycle - which was initially designed to support multiple 
> screen sizes as well as different mobile devices (tablets and such) and I see 
> absolutely no reason for not using this approach. Especially in case where the 
> usability and way of usage are defined off the default road: i.e. having an 
> application private style and usage metaphors.
> Frank@

Note that you _can_ use QtWidgets if you want to. This works, and we support it. If this solves things for you, all is good.

But writing fluid interfaces using widgets is time consuming and laborious. For sure, some developers don't care about creating fluid interfaces. That simply means they have a relaxed approach to native look and feel for their app in the first place.

To me it looks like app developers in iOS wants their apps to be fluid and shiny. And not only do we want Qt/iOS to be a framework for writing such applications, we want it to be the best choice on the market. And we simply think QML is a better technology to meet those needs, which explains why we don't focus the iOS development around styling up widgets. How to best support QML controls with a style that blends nicly into iOS, is yet to be decided.

-Richard (Qt/iOS team)

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