[Development] Qt5 can't show some Chinese character?

Yuchen Deng loaden at gmail.com
Thu Mar 28 13:20:03 CET 2013

2013/3/28 Konstantin Ritt <ritt.ks at gmail.com>

> Attaching some minimal code sample that shows the issue is also very
> helpful. However, in you (specific) case, attaching a sample string + used
> font name + "correct result" and "current result" images would be quite
> enough.
It's only Ubuntu (Linux) bug, I found it for a long long time since Qt5 did
not out.
I am installed libfontconfig1-dev before build Qt from the source.
And I tried to use Application::setFont(...), then the UI font changed, but
the issue still there.

> BTW, I can't reproduce this issue with Qt 5.1 on windows with "Kozuka
> Mincho Pro" font (see attachment)
Sorry I can't test Qt 5.1 for now.

Best Regards
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