[Development] QGLWidget creation with non-visible parent

Csaba Csernai csernai.csaba at gmail.com
Fri Nov 29 07:57:59 CET 2013

Hi everyone!

I would like to ask your help in some Qt 5 matter. I think it's somewhat
related to QTBUG-31451, but not sure.

When I create a QGLWidget with a parent which not yet visible, then it
seems to fail to compile shaders although QGLContext is valid( at least the
isValid function returns true).
e.g.: there is a tab widget, which is visible, and from code we add another
tab, so that it contains a QWidget and inside the QWidget, there is a
QGLWidget( yeah, i kno w it's messed up, but that's it). So when we create
the QGLWidget with the QWidget parent, the QWidget is not visible, and - as
far as i discovered - it has no window handle.

It worked fine, in 4.8, and i compile with msvc 11.0.

My question is that is it a bug or did I miss something? Would someone
point me in the right direction?Should i post my findings to the mentioned
bug thread or create a new one?


Csaba Csernai
C/C++ Software Developer
Mediso Medical Imaging Systems Ltd.
Hungary, H-1022 Budapest,
Alsótörökvész 14.
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