[Development] CI has OpenSuSE 12.3 now!

Sarajärvi Tony Tony.Sarajarvi at digia.com
Mon Oct 14 14:28:30 CEST 2013

Hi again.

And surely we still had one small issue with the servers that was solved today. We already have a few configurations that have passed, on some the compilation and some are now even test enforced :)

As we expected, we are now receiving new errors regarding OpenSuSE. Someone here will eventually start creating bug reports out of these, but you can already start looking at the logs beforehand:

Here's QtBase_stable for you: http://testresults.qt-project.org/ci/QtBase_stable_Integration/build_02285/linux-g++_OpenSuSE_12.3_x64/log.txt.gz

After having these fixed, we would be able to start enforcing OpenSuSE (from the log above):

tst_qfont: FAIL!  : tst_QFont::exactMatch() 'QFont("sans").exactMatch()' returned FALSE. ()

tst_qfontdatabase: FAIL!  : tst_QFontDatabase::addAppFont(font file) Compared lists have different sizes.

tst_qglthreads: QFATAL : tst_QGLThreads::painterOnGLWidgetInThread() Received signal 11

tst_qtextscriptengine: FAIL!  : tst_QTextScriptEngine::thaiWithZWJ() Compared values are not the same

and finally tst_selftests has a lot of similar errors:

FAIL!  : tst_Selftests::runSubTest(cmptest old stdout txt) 'res.count() == exp.count()' returned FALSE. (Mismatch in line count: 1 != 92 (stdout txt).)

FAIL!  : tst_Selftests::runSubTest(cmptest old txt) 'res.count() == exp.count()' returned FALSE. (Mismatch in line count: 1 != 92 (txt).)

FAIL!  : tst_Selftests::runSubTest(cmptest old stdout xml) 'res.count() == exp.count()' returned FALSE. (Mismatch in line count: 1 != 167 (stdout xml).)

FAIL!  : tst_Selftests::runSubTest(cmptest old xml) 'res.count() == exp.count()' returned FALSE. (Mismatch in line count: 1 != 167 (xml).)


I'll update the CI Machine setup wiki page of the SuSE's setup ASAP.

Have fun,

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Hi all!

OpenSuSE 12.3 was included in the CI now. It will build with the same configurations as Ubuntu 10.04 and will eventually replace it.

Currently it's marked with forcesuccess and qt.tests.insignificant, but we will begin removing those as we see that configuration working.

>From your next staged build, you should be able to see the build logs from SuSE builds at the same place as the other logs at testresults.qt-project.org.

Have a nice weekend

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