[Development] Qt 5.2.0 - Beta Release Testing

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> > Fedora, for example, are not usable because they use SJLJ exceptions
> > and we're switching to DW2/SEH on Windows.
> According to [1], it's not mingw's fault, thoughts, I don't know who is
> responsible of "The Dwarf-2 EH implementation for Windows". If Qt switch to
> Dwarf-2 EH, it would mean that it will be incompatible with mimgw-w64, isn't
> it a big loose for Qt then? Does that impact mingw-w32 too?

I think the link is outdated. MinGW-builds nowadays supported both dw2 and sjlj exception handling for 32 bit since ages, see e.g.


(Note that the Mingw-w64 and MinGW-builds projects joined forces just recently, so the mingw-builds binaries are the 'officially endorsed' ones).

Anyhow, Qt itself doesn't really care about SJLJ vs dw2: It compiles just fine with both versions. It's just that, since 5.1, we're building the 'official' packages with a dw2 toolchain.



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