[Development] Gerrit dropping CI failure mails?

Poenitz Andre Andre.Poenitz at digia.com
Tue Jul 8 09:46:07 CEST 2014

Blasche Alexander wrote:
> Oswald Buddenhagen wrote:
> >i tried to reduce the flood somewhat by denying the bots (including CI)
> >the right to mail reviewers, so only the owner now gets the emails.
> >on the downside, you now need to pay more attention in case you adopt a
> >change from someone else, as you are still a reviewer as far as gerrit
> >is concerned ...
> Please revert this "feature". Why is this important?
> 1. ) I don't have to frequently poll all the changes which I review for their 
> failures. I use gerrit via email push and not website poll. Why should 
> I change to back to such less efficient method?
> 2.) I receive a significant number of patches from devs who don't have 
> approver rights and need some considerable hand-holding. Now they 
> have to constantly ping me when something fails. This is especially
>  bad when it was me who was staging it on their behalf. If you have 
> weired CI errors, license check failures or unintended platform side
>  effects the amount of handholding goes up signficantly.
> 3.) I monitor progress in my code areas because I review the parts which
>  are relevant. Subsequently I don't just want to monitor their success.
> I can understand that some code lines are very buggy and require more 
> attempts (hence more failure "spam"). Then again we should focus 
> on stabilizing them.
> Also it is dead simple to filter those failures out of your mailbox. 
> All you have to look for is "FAILURE" and check that "Gerrit-Owner:" 
> is not you. This way you don't force a behavior change on everybody
>  else. Right now I am feeling forced.
> Is it just me or how much does everybody else rely on it?

It's not just you. I pretty much prefer mails in my inbox in case 
something happens (or fails) over polling a web interface too.

I am also mildly surprised that such a workflow defining feature 
gets deactivated without any discussion.


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