[Development] Requires Analyse: QML Profiler (External) Support

Koehne Kai Kai.Koehne at digia.com
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> Hi,
> To do this for our project I wrote a simple remote WinCE plugin for QtCreator
> to allow it to connect to a WinCE target and then do the profiling. This was
> about a year ago so might be out of date, but I've just pushed the source
> code to here: https://github.com/SteveKing1974/Remote-WinCE-Plugin

Cool. Is this something you would consider submitting upstream? Or wouldn't s.th. like a 'Generic device' cut it, too?

> [..]
> > On host we use Qt Creator.
> > I qtcreator we need to select a kit for remote profiling. Usually this
> > kit should be our qt-wince kit. To configure the wince kit on
> > qtcreator we need to select a device type. default type is be Desktop.
> > There is no option for any wince device (but it has types for Android,
> > Linux, QNX, and Blackberry). Because of this we are not able to set an ip
> address and connect to WinEC7 device.

Well, all the qml profiler really needs from the kit is the IP address. So you might be lucky just registering a "Generic Linux device" with your Windows CE kit (I'm not sure whether Qt Creator allows that, though).

Short of this, you can also use the qmlprofiler command line client (in %QTDIR%/bin) to record the trace, and then load the trace file into Qt Creator for further analysis.



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