[Development] Request for sandbox area: QQSM

Stottlemyer, Brett (B.S.) bstottle at ford.com
Mon Jun 2 19:38:23 CEST 2014

Oswald wrote:
> this sounds wrong to me. why would you need a "sandbox", i.e., something isolated, 
> when it's pretty clear that this is one of the key missing features of qml/quick? you 
> should aim at bringing this into the qtdeclarative repository, possibly directly into one 
> of the existing modules. all the "sandboxing" you need is the review (series) you will 
> create on gerrit anyway.

This works for me.  From a code perspective, this isn't really a stretch.  And it probably doesn't require much maintenance.

I originally proposed a QtCS session for this, but I think instead I will try to talk to the QML maintainers outside of a session.  If any said maintainers think it is worth a full session, please let me know.

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