[Development] New Qt5.3.1 Snapshot available

Heikkinen Jani Jani.Heikkinen at digia.com
Mon Jun 9 08:14:34 CEST 2014

Hi all,

New Qt5.3.1 snapshot available here: http://download.qt-project.org/snapshots/qt/5.3/5.3.1/2014-06-09_106/

Unfortunately qt5.git integration in stable is failing because of autotest failure & that's why not so much new content in this snapshot :( Hoping someone could fix that autotest failure during today to be able to get new stuff in for tomorrow (Build log: http://testresults.qt-project.org/ci/Qt5_stable_Integration/build_00700/linux-g++_developer-build_qtnamespace_qtlibinfix_Ubuntu_11.10_x64/log.txt.gz).

Plan is to branch Qt 5.3.1 tomorrow & create release candidate packages immediately after the branch so it would be good to get all pending stuff in...

Qt5 changes in these packages:
https://codereview.qt-project.org/#change,86805 :
Patch Set 3:

* qtbase ac7bf97...7df8b1a (5):
> Properly escape bytearray data outside the ascii range when using a codec
> Do not clear default button in QMessageBox::setDetailedText().
> Android: Repaint affected areas when window moves
> Android: Support offscreen surfaces on pbuffers
> Android: Fix flashing on startup/shutdown

* qtconnectivity 19f10aa...5fe214b (1):
> Add changelog for upcoming Qt 5.3.1 release.

* qtdeclarative cca61d6...361d638 (5):
> Use the correct precision specifier in visualizer GLSL.
> Fix bindings to when property of States not always working
> Fix method overload calling of Qt slots from JavaScript
> Make ItemViews displayMargin work correctly when set to negative values
> Fix worker scripts with cached compilation units

* qtdoc ca6d164...428a67f (2):
> Doc: Edited list of examples in "Qt for Android Examples" page.
> Android: Add documentation for including third-party libs

* qtimageformats bcc7909...1c66c57 (1):
> Make QWebpHandler::write() work on big endian systems

* qtmultimedia efa4628...b9b06de (3):
> Android: Dont expose java calls in the control classes.
> Make it possible to build multimedia for embedded Android
> Android: Rename the wrapper classes

* qtquickcontrols 4cc1b68...ca06986 (3):
> TableViewColumn: Process all the rows in resizeToContents()
> TextField::font: fix the default value handling
> Fix TextAreas font

* qtwebkit 3f0e9bb...29dd87e (3):
> Ensure replaced tiles are repainted
> Account for extra uncommitted memory size also in ASSERTs.
> CopyLinkToClipboard should copy the URL only

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