[Development] New Qt5.3.1 snapshot available

Heikkinen Jani Jani.Heikkinen at digia.com
Thu Jun 12 08:02:20 CEST 2014

Hi all!

New Qt5.3.1 snapshot available here: http://download.qt-project.org/snapshots/qt/5.3/5.3.1/2014-06-11_109/

These aren't yet final 5.3.1 release packages yet but pretty near so please take a tour, verify your fixes & check that everything is still working as expected.
Merge from stable to 5.3 branch is still ongoing, hoping we could get it ready soon. After that we need to create 5.3.1 branch & produce new packages from it. If we can do all this during today & tomorrow then the plan is still to release 5.3.1 final during next week.

Qt5 changes in this snapshot (Packages are done from stable branch so all changes done to 5.3 branch are missing):

https://codereview.qt-project.org/#change,86927 :
Patch Set 14:

* qtbase 7df8b1a...8fa9121 (41):
> Make sure we run gracefully below API level 18
> Fix failing qtdeclarativetextedit auto-test
> qdoc: Revised logic for which example file to open in Qt Creator
> Cocoa: Dont send duplicate close events.
> Doc: QAtomicInteger first appeared in Qt 5.3
> tst_qtcpsocket: fix comment, the slot goes to 512
> NSURLConnection: Set http response status code.
> QPrinter - Dont use QPrinterInfo::availablePrinters()
> Cocoa: Re-implement QCocoaScreen::topLevelAt()
> Do not crash with IA2 AT clients.
> winrt: set error if tcp socket initialization fails
> winrt: do not try to close non existent sockets
> Windows: Added Comma to list of possible numpad keys
> Doc: Added link to SQL example page from main Qt SQL landing page.
> Fix documentation about QStringLiteral
> iOS: delay callbacks to UITextInput to avoid recursion
> Ensure that there is no duplication of the output directory in output
> Remove unfinished NEON version of vectorized rotate sampling
> Suppress move/resize events if they are the result of call to move()/resize().
> Revert "Fixed duplicate QMoveEvent generated for each QWidget::move call"
> Fix selection by dragging after double click in QWidgetTextControl.
> QPlatformClipboard::emitChanged(): Do not emit signals when closing down.
> Fix alpha in no-opengl configuration on xcb
> Fix visual selection with EGL on xcb
> Avoid polluting the output with warnings on eglfs
> Make multisampling more robust in QOpenGLFramebufferObject
> QNX: Fix build for QNX 6.5
> Android: Use exceptionCheck() function.
> fix qmaccocoaviewcontainer example
> use the right env var in qmlplugindump call
> unbreak static qml imports again
> actually dont install qt dlls into lib/ any more
> install pdb files also for static libraries
> pass (some) index dirs also during -prepare phase
> dont check for doc/ dirs existence
> do not auto-add install dir to index dirs
> ensure that there is always an -indexdir argument
> fix/optimize QT_PLUGIN_PATH construction in qtAddTargetEnv()
> Doc: Fix undefined variable in QMetaMethod::invoke() documentation
> qfreelist: fix data race on v[at].next
> QApp: Method to check for native style usage.

* qtdeclarative 361d638...0a57548 (10):
> Stop polish-and-sync timer when the window is destroyed
> add missing signal declaration in Exposing Attributes to QML example
> Add support for multisampling in QQuickWidget
> Keep QML and JS messages separate in QQmlProfilerService test
> V4 Yarr JIT: push/pop addressTempRegister.
> Fix opacity issue in the renderer.
> Fix QQuickWidget offscreen surface format and creation order
> Doc: Removed redundant link to section in the same page.
> Doc: Updated "Qt Quick Examples" pages.
> Detect and warn when using QQuickWidget as a native child

* qtdoc 428a67f...9efe324 (3):
> Doc: Edited section about loading QML files.
> Doc: Updated "Layout Examples" page.
> Doc: Added "Qt Examples for iOS" page.

* qtmultimedia b9b06de...b99a4b3 (7):
> Make multimedia QML types available for the 5.3 import version.
> Fix static initialization order fiasco in some plugins.
> Android: Use a file descriptor for all local media files.
> Improve default audio plugin selection.
> Android: dont start camera preview until the viewfinder is ready.
> Android: fix media players volume.
> Doc: Remove comment about preliminary API for Qt 5.0

* qtqa 0856043...aecac81 (2):
> Removing QtPims stable and master configs from CI
> Update qt_update_submodules.pl for qtpim and qlalr

* qtquickcontrols ca06986...f04f0b8 (4):
> TableView: Allow resizing and scrolling single-column tables
> Menu: Properly relay enabled state to QPA menu object
> TableView: Make sure we get the content width with hidden header
> TableView: Reset dragged header position if not moved

* qtserialport d598a00...19da18b (3):
> Refactor the availablePortsByUdev() in favor to readability
> Use QScopedPointer (RAII) to do not care of the udev resources
> Simplify of the availablePortsByUdev()

* qttools 3cc8265...4f4be00 (4):
> Doc: Remove Qt Designer manual from the licensing group
> winrtrunner: Split AppxEngine into abstract base and Appx Local subclass
> qhelpgenerator: Fix warning about qpa_minimal_plugin usage
> CoreCon: mark destructor as virtual

* qtwebkit 29dd87e...b6ddb5f (5):
> [mips] Add floating point absolute support in JavaScriptCore.
> Prevent register clobbering to fix negative zero check in SoftModulo.
> [mips] Fix branchTruncateDoubleToUint32 implementation in macro assembler.
> Do not crash or assert on SVG font fallbacks
> Avoid deep copy when updating BitmapTextureGL

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