[Development] New features in Qt Metrics

Sippola Juha EXT Juha.Sippola at digia.com
Tue Jun 17 14:17:38 CEST 2014

Hi all,

Qt Metrics http://testresults.qt-project.org/qtmetrics has been improved with couple of new features (v2.4).

See build and autotest results for previous project builds:
Select a Project and see the data for any listed build by clicking the build number (the latest build is shown by default). You may also combine with the timescale filter to see the build results since a specific date.

Autotest dashboard to list autotests by failure %:
Select "show" from Autotest dashboard and see the autotests that fail most often in the builds that they are run. Calculating this may take time especially when the timescale filter is used, therefore the "show/hide" selection. Once calculated, you may dive into autotest view (level 2) and back to autotest list (level 1) without recalculation, until you change the project or timescale filters.

Test case (function) data in Autotest dashboard:
Select a Project and it's Autotest (tst_xxx) and see the test cases that failed and caused the test set to fail. Hopefully this helps indicating the problems and thus making the needed corrections. You may also use the build selection in the Project dashboard to see previous build results. Data is read from the test result xml files and may therefore take a moment to update.

There is also a new page how to read autotest metrics from Qt Metrics: http://qt-project.org/wiki/QtMetrics_How_To_Read/

BR, Juha
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