[Development] Any way to mark reviews as "read" in the new Gerrit?

Thiago Macieira thiago.macieira at intel.com
Fri Jun 27 01:34:39 CEST 2014

The new Gerrit interface for the "Incoming reviews" has a different strategy 
for marking entries with bold than the old one. In the old one, anything you 
hadn't voted on was bold, so you could un-bold by setting any vote.

The new one appears to[*] mark with bold anything that has had comments since 
the last time you commented or voted on. While that's nice to remind people to 
read, there's no way to mark it as read, short of posting a comment. I don't 
want to start posting useless comments just to un-bold stuff. What's more, the 
entries are sorted by last activity, so all the bolds float to the top.

Is there any way?

Note that the CI posts comments, so any entry that failed integration for any 
reason will be bold again. What's more, if the bolding is triggered by posting 
a comment, one person un-bolding an entry will cause it to be made bold to 
everyone else.

In addition to that, the Code Review column marks the current state of the 
review, not the vote I gave. On one hand, that's nice so I know I don't have 
to review stuff that is already approved. On the other, this with the bolding 
makes it totally impossible to know which entries I have to act on.

[*] Appears to. I am not sure if this is the logic.
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