[Development] Please nominate improvements in Qt 5.2 for defensive publication

Mirko Boehm mboehm at openinventionnetwork.com
Wed Mar 5 17:47:28 CET 2014


many of you know me as somebody who worked with and on Qt and KDE for a long time. Today I am writing to you in a related but different capacity. For more than year now, I am working with Open Invention Network to improve the protection of the Open Source ecosystem from software patent threads. One aspect of this effort is to produce defensive publications. Defensive publications help with preventing trivial patents from being issued, and to re-evaluate already granted ones. Andrea, who runs linux-defenders.org, described how defensive publications work here:


Today, we are asking you for a small but valuable contribution: to identify noteworthy improvements and new features in Qt 5.2. The goal is to create a shortlist of 5 to 10 innovations for which defensive publications should be written. Stephen Kelly recently wrote a defpub that you can use as a reference, see here: 


This is an open and non-exclusive process, feel free to pass this request on to your colleagues and hacker friends. We will collect the suggestions on the defpubs at qt-project.org mailing list (to which we invite and encourage you to subscribe). The shortlist should be complete by the end of March. We plan to repeat this approach for every Qt feature release. 

Many thanks, 

Mirko Boehm
Director, Linux System Definition
Open Invention Network
mboehm at openinventionnetwork.com | +49 163 635 4826 (mobile)

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