[Development] About ALIAS in Q_PROPERTY

Svetkin Mikhail mikhail.svetkin at gmail.com
Tue Mar 11 10:36:00 CET 2014

If you have 10 properties, you only need to call  initAliasNotify to
connect all.

2014-03-11 14:59 GMT+06:00 André Somers <andre at familiesomers.nl>:

>  Svetkin Mikhail schreef op 11-3-2014 04:12:
>  Explain:
> I was creating custom widgets with the help of Qt-designer.
> And I have noticed I have to duplicate my code, if I want to edit
> properties of the widget in qt-designer property editor.
>   Simple Example:
>   I'm not a fan. You end up with a QProperty, but without actual accessor
> functions to call. I also think that's what's wrong with the MEMBER version
> we have now too, by the way. Also, the need to call initAliasNotify doesn't
> appeal to me. What's the benefit over making the connect between the two
> signals myself?
> André
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