[Development] Harmonizing the Qt 5.x Documentation

Shaw Andy Andy.Shaw at digia.com
Tue Mar 11 17:33:56 CET 2014

> Em ter 11 mar 2014, às 17:17:46, Andre Somers escreveu:
> > I seriously don't see the benefit of this "harmonization". When I look
> > at the docs for a class, I often just look for method names that seem to
> > do what I need. That usually works very with Qt. Now, I will need to go
> > check for every method if it actually exists in the version of Qt I'm
> > on, by looking for a "since" tag. How is that helping me to become more
> > productive?
> If you want to be productive with the exact docs for the version you're using
> and full, indexed text search, you should use Qt Assistant or the integrated
> Help in Qt Creator.

And as Jerome pointed out, the Qt 5.0 and 5.1 docs will be on doc.qt.digia.com too so they won't be completely gone from the web. I am all for the idea and I am having to look up the older documentation for various reasons all the time.


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