[Development] Q_WS_* used in Qt sources

Kevin Krammer kevin.krammer at kdab.com
Wed Mar 12 17:27:52 CET 2014

On Wednesday, 2014-03-12, 08:10:18, Thiago Macieira wrote:
> Em qua 12 mar 2014, às 12:23:33, Martin Koller escreveu:
> > I find a lot #ifdef Q_WS_* code in Qt sources (widgets).
> > AFAIK Q_WS_ is no longer defined due to QPA.
> > Is this something which has not been ported over to Q_OS_ and/or to QPA
> > and
> > do I need to expect problems (missing functionality) when I port my app
> > from Qt4 to Qt5 ?
> The functionality is completely gone. The selection of the windowing system
> is now a runtime decision.

I think there might still be some integration hooks that haven't been fully 
ported yet. Like the QSystemTrayIcon code that Martin Gräßlin only recently 


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