[Development] Installing Qt as shared assemblies on Windows

konrad at silmor.de konrad at silmor.de
Tue Mar 18 13:02:52 CET 2014


> On Windows, we need to deploy several applications residing in various
> directories, and would like them all to share the same set of Qt libraries
> (weighing about 40MB). Currently we have to copy the full set into every
> app directory for them to launch correctly.
> The only way I could find was to create a Windows "shared assembly" in the
> winsxs folder and have all of my apps point there.

? Whatever that means again.

> Is there any gained knowledge or walkthrough on how this could be done? Do
> you know of anyone who tried it?

I do that all the time: put the DLLs into one directory and include this
directory in the PATH variable. If you do not want to share them with
potentially the entire system, manipulate the PATH variable in a Batch

@echo off
set PATH=C:\Dir\To\Qt5;%PATH%
start myapp.exe

rem Disclaimer: I did not try the batch file right now, syntax may be off


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