[Development] Printing Bug Triage

John Layt jlayt at kde.org
Sat Mar 22 16:32:46 CET 2014


I've been doing a bug triage for printing to see what I can close due
to the new code, and what high priority issues still need fixing.
I've grouped all 177 bugs by linking them to Tasks:

QTBUG-37696   QtPrintSupport - Bug Triage

QTBUG-25372   QtPrintSupport - CUPS Issues
QTBUG-25383   QtPrintSupport - Mac Issues
QTBUG-25384   QtPrintSupport - Windows issues
QTBUG-25380   QtPrintSupport - Page Layout Issues
QTBUG-37693   QtPrintSupport - Painting Issues
QTBUG-25378   QtPrintSupport - Font Issues
QTBUG-25379   QtPrintSupport - PDF Issues
QTBUG-37701   QtPrintSupport - Color Issues
QTBUG-25377   QtPrintSupport - Remote Printer Issues
QTBUG-37698   QtPrintSupport - Dialog Issues
QTBUG-25385   QtPrintSupport - New Feature Requests

Most of 29 issues issues under "Page Layout Issues" should be resolved
by the new code in 5.3, but I'm then faced with deciding which of them
also need fixing in 4.8 before I can close any.

For the other bugs, there are a few areas I'm a bit concerned about.
In particular my strength lies in the print work-flow management and
not the painting code itself where I'd appreciate any help in
evaluating and fixing the reported issues.

>From the 38 painting issues and 42 PDF issues I've identified 26
issues I'd like to be assesed with regards to 5.3 and grouped them
under Task QTBUG-37713.  Many of these seem at least partly related.
If anyone has some time spare I'd appreciate if they can have a look,
confirm if they still apply to 5.3 Beta 1 or only to 4.8, if they're
small enough to resolve for 5.3, and if possible fix them.



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