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Thiago Macieira thiago.macieira at intel.com
Sat Mar 22 19:58:16 CET 2014

Em sáb 22 mar 2014, às 16:32:46, John Layt escreveu:
> Most of 29 issues issues under "Page Layout Issues" should be resolved
> by the new code in 5.3, but I'm then faced with deciding which of them
> also need fixing in 4.8 before I can close any.

You're the maintainer, you get to decide how difficult it would be to fix them in 
4.8. Remember that we'll be talking about 4.8.7, so stability is more 
important than non-priority bug fixes. Leave open bug reports that are:

1) high priority
2) fixable without backporting the entire refactor

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