[Development] configure -developer-build --prefix=$PWD/qtbase

Alan Ezust alan.ezust at gmail.com
Wed Mar 26 18:57:33 CET 2014

Simon Hausmann says:
> Do you know where in the docs it suggests that both can be used
> simultaneously?

My mistake, it doesn't suggest that. I just tried combining the two options
trial and error. Perhaps because the straight -developer-build fails to
build docs.

I thought I saw it in the README too but it's not there. Also it seems
configure itself is smart enough to tell me if a make install step is
required or not based on -developer-build. Nice!

Koehne Kai says:

> I'm not aware of a qhelpcollection binary ...
> both qhelpgenerator and qhelpconverter are put in bin for me in the 5.3

Another mistake - I meant to say qhelpgenerator.

However, after fresh ./configure -developer-build and make,
there is no "./bin" directory, and under qtbase/bin, I do not see
qmlviewer, qhelpgenerator, or qhelpconverter. Qtcreator complains about
the lack of qmlviewer, but perhaps that's just a creator bug.
but why are qhelpgenerator and qhelpconverter not built and installed in

> Maybe you should share some more details how exactly you did configure Qt?

for me, it was just this:
./configure -developer-build
make -j 6
make docs

'make docs' builds for a long time and then fails near the end because it
can't find qhelpgenerator.

Thanks again Simon and Koehne for your help.
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