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Sean Harmer sean.harmer at kdab.com
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On 28/03/2014 16:35, Massimo Callegari wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I'm happy to see that the Qt3D component is finally being actively 
> developed.
> I guess such a complex piece of software has some plans behind, in 
> terms of architecture and features.
> I would like to know if it possible for Dr. Harmer and pals to share a 
> rough features plan within this list.
> Not asking for promises :) I'm well aware of the open source business.
> I'd only like to peek what's going on to know if my project can count 
> on Qt3D in the future or if I have to move my steps on other 
> technologies. I'd love to stay on Qt for the cross-platform promise.
> I need to write a real time 3D visualizer for a lighting control 
> application, so my key stones are deferred rendering and multiple 
> lights (30-50 would do)

Nice! Interesting use-case.

The exact features will depend partly upon your platform. If you are 
using a desktop-based system then yes we are aiming to support deferred 
rendering or in fact any other rendering technique. Unfortunately ES 2 
doesn't support multiple render targets.

We don't have any documentation ready yet (we will start on this soon) 
but here's some key points:

* Front end will be accessable via QML or C++
* Uses Entity/Component/System architecture for flexibility and ease of 
future development
* Systems are implemented as aspects that operate on their own copy of 
the scene data that is relevent to them. This allows the aspect systems 
to only care about Entity's composed of certain combinations of 
Components and to process them with only minimal locking.
* The aspects will use a job-based approach to doing their work for each 
* It should be quite easy to add addition Components and aspects/systems 
later e.g. for physics, audio, AI, logic, whatever.
* One component provided by the renderer aspect/system allows us to 
completely define the rendering method used by means of a framegraph. So 
whether you wish to use a forward renderer, deferred renderer or anythng 
else can be completely defined through data only in the Entity/Component 
object tree (defined from either QML or C++).
* We will provide a default set of Effects and accompanying framegraphs 
to make it easy to use out of the box. We also aim to make it as simple 
as possible to extend/reconfigure whilst maintaining the flexibility we 
are after.

There are still some parts of the puzzle that need to be worked out but 
I don't think there is anything insurmountable there.

> On a footnote, as a pure suggestion, it would be nice to have a test 
> suite for Qt3D like the one three.js has: http://threejs.org/examples/

Yes. We will build up a set of examples, tests and benchmarks as we 

If you have any further questions, please feel free to ask here or ping 
us on #qt-3d.

> Keep up the awesome job !

All the best,


> Massimo
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