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Liang Qi cavendish.qi at gmail.com
Sat Mar 29 22:31:38 CET 2014

Time is so fast.

I got some free time this weekend, and did a bit work for building QtOpenCL
with Qt 5. My latest work in the dev branch of following repo:

If someone could setup a labs project, qtopencl, in codereview, maybe we
could continue work on this topic there.


On 29 June 2013 19:00, Sebastian Lehmann <qt at leemes.de> wrote:

> Hello Qt developers,
> I'm sadly noting that the QtOpenCL project [1] is dead since end 2010,
> yet it's still
> usable. I want to bring this module back to life. Currently, the
> module has a couple of
> issues such as const-correctness and missing support for Qt5.
> I see two options with that: Either rewriting the whole module with a
> new design, or
> improving the existing code base.
> Also, I'd love to have some basic, generic and reusable algorithms
> implemented in OpenCL
> and available with an interface similar to QtConcurrent. This could be
> in a separate
> module. I have some nice ideas for the design of this.
> Some people say that there's no big advantage in having a QtOpenCL
> module, as everything
> can also be done with CL library function calls. But both the
> advantage of RAII as well
> as having a Qt'ish interface are a huge help when writing applications
> with a lot of
> GPGPU computations, as the raw CL functions are way too painful to
> write (and read).
> How's your opinion about bringing QtOpenCL back to life (especially in
> Qt5)? Any concrete
> ideas or suggestions?
> Anyone out there who wants to help? How is the typical "workflow" for
> new modules in Qt5?
> Cheers,
> Leemes
> PS: I already read through the Qt Contribution Guidelines.
> PPS: I'm currently writing an OpenCL powered application with the
> "old" QtOpenCL module
> within the context of a GPGPU computing course I'm taking. I have
> quite a good knowledge
> of GPGPU computing as well as the old QtOpenCL module and its flaws.
> But I think this
> won't be enough to rewrite a whole new Qt5 module from scratch. So I
> think this won't
> work unless some people from the community can be found willing to help.
>   [1]: http://doc.qt.digia.com/opencl-snapshot/

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