[Development] `/opt/qt5/bin/qdoc: not found` with `-prefix /opt/qt5` config

Thiago Macieira thiago.macieira at intel.com
Thu May 15 05:17:34 CEST 2014

Em sex 09 maio 2014, às 16:53:20, Yuchen Deng escreveu:
> If I have to do `make install` first, then I can't use `make install
> INSTALL_ROOT=$PWD/qt` anymore.
> It's means INSTALL_ROOT does not support for this case?
> make install_docs INSTALL_ROOT=$PWD/qt >>install.log 2>&1
> 2014-05-09 10:21 GMT+08:00 Thiago Macieira <thiago.macieira at intel.com>:
> > make install; make docs; make install_docs

By the way, if you're building packages, you should use the split sources and 
then this just becomes a dependency cycle.

You need to have Qt 5 installed in order to build Qt 5 docs. That is, qdoc 
must exist at the time you're building qtbase.
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