[Development] OTHER_FILES in Qt Creator 3.1.1

Richard Höhne richard.hoehne at yahoo.de
Thu May 29 10:51:15 CEST 2014


I have a little problem. I want to set OTHER_FILES in our framework to 
load all files in the Qt Creator 3.1.1. I want to use an lib.pri to load 
dinamically in each pro-File. The problem is, that the other files are 
shown under the subfolder lib.pri and not under the header- and 
cpp-files. If I write to each pro-file I have it in the correct 
subfolders. Is there a possibility to change it.

In the lib.pri I have following code:
defineTest(otherfiles) {
     files = *.sql *json *lst * txt


and in the pro-File:

OTHER_FILES = $$otherFiles()

It works but only in the way I told above.

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