[Development] Phonon + QML Qt Quick 2 possible ?

Gianluca gmaxera at gmail.com
Sat Nov 15 16:23:23 CET 2014

Dear all,
there is a long discussion “the dark side of QtMultimedia” and the question of this email comes from that discussion.
Some suggested to try using Phonon instead of QtMultimedia, and so let’s suppose I want to try Phonon and my constraints are: Qt 5 and Qt Quick 2
What are my chances to use the Phonon APIs ?
I tried to found some documentation, tutorials and examples … but about the Phonon project it’s very difficult to find out documentation and tutorial.

So, my questions:
 1) Phonon can be used only from a normal QWidget application ?
 2) If no, there is an official support of Qt Quick 2 ?
 3) If no, there is a least some tutorial on how to bind Phonon API into a Qt Quick 2 application ?


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