[Development] The dark side of QtMultimedia

Gianluca gmaxera at gmail.com
Mon Nov 17 09:10:06 CET 2014

Il giorno 17/nov/2014, alle ore 07:26, Konstantin Podsvirov <konstantin at podsvirov.pro> ha scritto:

> On Sunday 16 November 2014 22:31:45 Gianluca wrote:
>> So, from my point of view, the QtMultimedia seems abandoned (I hope it’s a
>> wrong deduction from a superficial view of the project). The indication of
>> that deduction comes, for example, from the wiki page
> It's wrong. You're looking at wrong data. Forget the wiki, look only at commit 
> history and the bugtracker, to see if bugs are being fixed. There were 318 
> commits since the beginning of the year. That's not abandoned.

I’m very happy. That’s give a complete different view. But, I would disagree about your suggestion of “forget the wiki”, because the main communication with the Qt user should pass from there. Only few users has the will and the ability to look at the commit history and the bug tracker. I think that most of the users of Qt just look on the release notes and the blogs and the wiki to see if there is something new or improvements.
But this is another topic :-)

>> So, why there is so few resources and/or interest on developing the
>> QtMultimedia module ? For me, it seems a very fundamental module that I’m
>> really surprised that Digia’s do not commit strong resources on developing
>> it.
> Digia and now The Qt Company are companies and have business needs and 
> business cases. They put the resources to work where their business needs and 
> business cases show there's greatest advantage. If you want to influence those 
> business concerns, please talk to your sales rep.

:-) I’m alone. In the sense, that I use Qt for my hobbies project, and recently I become a freelance activity and hence I don’t have any sales rep to talk about.

> If you're using the open source version of Qt, then please talk to one of the 
> consulting companies to see if they will do the work for you, or at least do 
> some work somewhere so that the resources that can work on QtMultimedia will 
> be freed from other work. You can also do work yourself and contribute to Qt.

I would contribute by myself, but I’ve never involved in such a big projects and I don’t know where to start from.
Some days ago, I follow a suggestion to commit some improvements on the documentation because I wrote a clarification that user likes, but when I went on the page explaining all the procedure behind, I saw a long path only to read all the documentation about all the infrastructure used to maintain Qt. Consider that I’ve few experience on Git and none on Gerrit. So, it needs long time for me to grasp everything on the process and start contributing on Qt.

> Note: "so few resources" are responsible for 62% of the 318 commits.
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