[Development] New qt5.4 snapshot available

Heikkinen Jani jani.heikkinen at theqtcompany.com
Thu Oct 2 13:39:28 CEST 2014

Hi all,

New Qt5.4 snapshot here:

Linux: http://download.qt-project.org/snapshots/qt/5.4/5.4.0-beta/2014-10-02_35/
Windows: http://download.qt-project.org/snapshots/qt/5.4/5.4.0-beta/2014-10-02_31/ 

Unfortunately mac ones are still missing as well as some windows ones :( Hoping we could get those already tomorrow

Please test existing installers & report new issues to Jira. And please inform me all new beta blockers, content should be pretty close to beta already now...
We are planning to have beta out as soon as possible, preferably during next week. That's why it is extremely important to check these packages & report possible new blockers. But remember, it is beta which is coming: there can & will be bad issues left to be fixed in rc: We just need to have good enough packages to be able to start testing new functionality...

Qt5 changes in this snapshot:
https://codereview.qt-project.org/#/c/96153/ :
Patch Set 2:

* qtbase 5d36c74...f5f300b (17):
> Fix hangs on QFileSystemWatcher.
> Doc: Adding API reference section in Qt Platform Headers page.
> Extend QOpenGLVertexArrayObjectHelper to support glIsVertexArrays
> Dont dpi-scale -1 pixel metrics
> micro-optimization: make use of qtPrepareTool()s new mode
> use correct quoting style when running syncqt under mingw
> kms: Support QOpenGLWidget and QQuickWidget
> kms: Support non-64x64 cursors
> qdoc: Restore navigation bar titles for QML, QML basic types
> Doc: Use title case in section1 titles
> Make QAccessible compile with -Werror
> QMdiArea: Fix positioning of cascaded sub windows.
> Additional support for devicePixelRatio in CE_MenuItem's icon painting
> QSql changes for Qt 5.4.0 changelog
> Handle PPK_CustomBase in QWin32PrintEngine::property
> Make qopenglwidget example functional without timers too
> Fix losing dirty state when calling update() from paintGL()

* qtconnectivity e31e060...7d1de5c (5):
> Fix QBluetoothServiceInfo uni test on platforms using fake server ports
> Android: Fix broken QBluetoothServer::isListening
> Provide example documentation for new chat example.
> New QML based Bt chat client
> Extend docs on Minimal SDP discovery

* qtdeclarative c2c710e...125c964 (5):
> Make Canvas use texture atlas for smallish Image based canvases.
> Document that QQmlApplicationEngines root item must be a window.
> Fix compiler warning
> Update the Calqltr demo visuals and engine logic
> Doc: Combine the extending QML tutorial chapters into a single example

* qtgraphicaleffects bdd7e47...f230234 (1):
> Document DropShadow and Glows transparentBorder properties.

* qtquickcontrols 428adaf...d848130 (7):
> Declare qtquickcontrols as free of warnings
> Doc: add platform notes for Android
> Android: implement non-native MenuBar
> ToolBar: add support for a stylable menu button
> Allow sharing menu items
> qquickmenu: add support for providing a target rect to __popup()
> Doc: add docs for Widget Gallery example

* qtscript 14710df...b5d82db (1):
> Fix MinGW64 build

* qtwayland 5f718c7...d480db1 (1):
> Support the creation of >= 3.x OpenGL contexts

* qtwebengine fa05ae7...485e496 (1):
> Create a QCoreApplication in QtWebEngineProcess as well.

* qtwebkit eb47b1a...4d767a2 (2):
> (un)shiftCountWithAnyIndexingType will start over in the middle of copying if it sees a hole
> DFG 32Bit: Crash loading "Classic" site @ translate.google.com

https://codereview.qt-project.org/#/c/95821/ :
Patch Set 13:

* qtbase 8f25196...5d36c74 (48):
> uic: Add QOpenGLWidget.
> Make QRegion::shared_empty const
> xcb: Fix detecting the fullscreen state from _NET_WM_STATE flags
> Fix build when using -Werror
> Update the detection of when to log to stderr
> Revert "winrt: Remove depth/stencil from the default window format"
> ANGLE: Upgrade to 2.1~abce76206141
> vcxproj: fix custom build steps in different build variants
> introduce VCFilter::findFile
> remove unused member VCFilter::CustomBuild
> cocoa: override new QPlatformMenu::popup() function
> Do not use Q_COMPILER_CLASS_ENUM for gcc 4.4
> xcb: Fix logic for minimized state
> Windows: Fix call of ToUnicode
> Fix font enumeration, with the same family name, on Windows.
> QSslCertificate: fold a string literal correctly
> Dont check for EINTR after calling QT_READ / QT_WRITE
> Fix handling of IPv6 addresses in QUrl::fromUserInput
> Android: Add function to change the stacking order in the layout.
> Android: Add findClass() function to the QJNIEnvironmentPrivate class.
> Android: Improve the foreign-window implementation
> create_cmake: Make the warning actually useful.
> make -force-debug-info work for objective C
> direct2d: Optimize dashed line drawing
> direct2d: Fix composition mode support
> update bundled sqlite to
> Widgets: remove references to QStyleOptionFrameV<n>
> tst_QSslError: cleanup unused functions
> Add a way for qmake + configure to link dynamically to the CRT
> Clean up QImage::Format switches
> Fix smooth scaling of large QImages
> Doc: Restructure "Signal & Slots" article
> Doc: Remove irrelevant sections from "Signals & Slots"
> QIOSInputContext: animate screen from current transformation
> QIOSInputContext: change keyboard rect when focus window changes
> QIOSInputContext: report keyboard rect relative to focus window
> Refactored qt_normalizePathSegments
> Balloon tip must follow systemtray icon
> Silence moc warnings about argument mismatch
> iOS: dont show popup on call to setVisible
> iOS: add support for submenus
> iOS: dont show separator in native menus
> Doc: 2 minor corrections in corelib/plugin
> remove pointless initializations
> simplify VCXProjectWriter::outputFileConfig a bit
> simplify VCXProjectWriter::outputFileConfig a bit
> Use the correct QMake spec when running config tests
> Fix MSVC2013-compiler warnings with QT_NO_FILESYSTEMWATCHER

* qtconnectivity b7f4825...e31e060 (8):
> Update image for NFC poster example
> Fix tr()-context in src/bluetooth/qbluetoothservicediscoveryagent_qnx.
> QtBluetooth : pingpong example on OS X
> Dont permit write of non-existing or empty data via socket
> Fix pingpong example
> Add \since tag to NFC classes which didnt have the tag yet
> Add \since to all Qt Bluetooth classes which didnt have the tag yet
> Make it more obvious that QLowEnergy* classes are Tech preview

* qtdeclarative 40f76f9...c2c710e (12):
> Fix build when using -Werror
> Add orientationUpdateMask to QQuickScreen
> Revert "Temporarily mark grab()/item.layer tests insignificant under ANGLE"
> Partially revert "Disable tests on failing ANGLE config"
> Fix example in scope documentation
> Also search for visual children in TestCase::findChild().
> Give Item::layer documentation some much needed love.
> qmlimportscanner: allow a qmlFile to come from stdin
> Doc: Replace VisualDataModel with DelegateModel
> Updated calqlatr demo
> Doc: Add docs for Clocks example
> Reset invalidatePending after the FBO has been recreated.

* qtenginio f652892...2b93eb4 (2):
> Add QML documentation for OAuth2 identification
> qdoc: Correct some links in QtEnginio

* qtlocation f3edb62...b90e043 (3):
> Updated the request URL to use https instead of http
> Fix non-standard \since tag in QGeoAreaMonitorInfo
> Fix fitViewportToMapItemsRefine when the map solely contains quickitems

* qtmultimedia c1c205b...7f1f5ed (10):
> Updated snapshots for qmlvideo example documentation
> Merge "Merge remote-tracking branch origin/5.3 into 5.4" into refs/staging/5.4
> GStreamer: fix artist-related metadata keys.
> GStreamer: fix QMediaPlayer metadata signals.
> Add metadata test for qmediaplayerbackend auto-test.
> Android: fix some problems with the media player.
> Improve audiorecorder example.
> Use QCameraInfo in camera example.
> QMLVideo Example visual update
> Remove QuickTime backend.

* qtquickcontrols 1a1a19f...428adaf (3):
> Sticky virtual keyboard for TextField.
> Button: trigger menu on touch release
> Doc: link to "Qt Quick Dialogs" from "Qt Quick Controls"

* qtscript 5b87292...14710df (2):
> Fix QNX build
> Fix C++11 build of qtscript

* qtsensors 1be9fc2...4756a79 (1):
> Add \since tag to QtSensor classes.

* qttools 49e7591...a1ca5b4 (5):
> Qt Designer: Add QOpenGLWidget.
> windeployqt: Deploy software rasterizer for dynamic Open GL builds.
> Removed run-time library for the QML compiler
> Improve how macdeployqt calls qmlimportscanner
> Update license headers and add new license files

* qtwayland 75cda1d...5f718c7 (2):
> Send also repeat key release events
> Use the screen resolution to determine whether a screen is portrait

* qtwebengine f3500da...fa05ae7 (9):
> Doc: Edited docs according to writing guidelines.
> Import the Qt WebKit porting guide from the wiki
> Various doc tweaks
> Update chromium submodule.
> [Win] Use automatic destruction for PbufferGLSurfaceWGL.
> Unskip QWebEngineSettings::JavascriptCanOpenWindows related tests
> Prevent OS X from picking a wrong version of clang from the env
> Remove IOBlootooth.h import from chromium source.
> Add Desktop OpenGL backend for Windows

* qtwebkit f69ddfa...eb47b1a (5):
> Implement ICU availability check in qtwebkit
> <https://webkit.org/b/120079> Flattening a dictionary can cause CopiedSpace corruption
> Detect PowerPC little-endian architecture
> REGRESSION: `if (false === (true && undefined)) console.log("wrong!");` logs "wrong!", shouldnt!
> REGRESSION: Crash when opening Facebook.com

* qtwebkit-examples 6daf858...70bd4d5 (1):
> Remove qtdemo from gitignore

* qtwebsockets 4301d62...f617556 (1):
> Improve the integration of QtWebsockets into general Qt docs

* qtwinextras 7fe7f50...26a8af4 (1):
> Fix for QWinThumbnailToolBar GDI leak

Best regards,
Jani Heikkinen
Release Manager | The Qt Company

The Qt Company / Digia Finland Ltd, Elektroniikkatie 10, 90590 Oulu, Finland
Email: jani.heikkinen at theqtcompany.com 
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