[Development] New qt5.4 snapshot available

Heikkinen Jani jani.heikkinen at theqtcompany.com
Fri Oct 3 14:46:24 CEST 2014

Hi all,

Mac ones are coming! Those should be here later today: http://download.qt-project.org/snapshots/qt/5.4/5.4.0-beta/2014-10-03_26/ 

No new content since yesterday...


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>>From: Heikkinen Jani
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>>Subject: New qt5.4 snapshot available
>>Hi all,
>>New Qt5.4 snapshot here:
>>Linux: http://download.qt-project.org/snapshots/qt/5.4/5.4.0-beta/2014-
>>Windows: http://download.qt-project.org/snapshots/qt/5.4/5.4.0-
>>Unfortunately mac ones are still missing as well as some windows
>>ones :( Hoping we could get those already tomorrow
>>Please test existing installers & report new issues to Jira. And please inform
>>me all new beta blockers, content should be pretty close to beta already
>>We are planning to have beta out as soon as possible, preferably during
>>next week. That's why it is extremely important to check these packages &
>>report possible new blockers. But remember, it is beta which is coming:
>>there can & will be bad issues left to be fixed in rc: We just need to have
>>good enough packages to be able to start testing new functionality...
>>Qt5 changes in this snapshot:
>>https://codereview.qt-project.org/#/c/96153/ :
>>Patch Set 2:
>>* qtbase 5d36c74...f5f300b (17):
>>> Fix hangs on QFileSystemWatcher.
>>> Doc: Adding API reference section in Qt Platform Headers page.
>>> Extend QOpenGLVertexArrayObjectHelper to support glIsVertexArrays
>>> Dont dpi-scale -1 pixel metrics
>>> micro-optimization: make use of qtPrepareTool()s new mode
>>> use correct quoting style when running syncqt under mingw
>>> kms: Support QOpenGLWidget and QQuickWidget
>>> kms: Support non-64x64 cursors
>>> qdoc: Restore navigation bar titles for QML, QML basic types
>>> Doc: Use title case in section1 titles
>>> Make QAccessible compile with -Werror
>>> QMdiArea: Fix positioning of cascaded sub windows.
>>> Additional support for devicePixelRatio in CE_MenuItem's icon painting
>>> QSql changes for Qt 5.4.0 changelog
>>> Handle PPK_CustomBase in QWin32PrintEngine::property
>>> Make qopenglwidget example functional without timers too
>>> Fix losing dirty state when calling update() from paintGL()
>>* qtconnectivity e31e060...7d1de5c (5):
>>> Fix QBluetoothServiceInfo uni test on platforms using fake server ports
>>> Android: Fix broken QBluetoothServer::isListening
>>> Provide example documentation for new chat example.
>>> New QML based Bt chat client
>>> Extend docs on Minimal SDP discovery
>>* qtdeclarative c2c710e...125c964 (5):
>>> Make Canvas use texture atlas for smallish Image based canvases.
>>> Document that QQmlApplicationEngines root item must be a window.
>>> Fix compiler warning
>>> Update the Calqltr demo visuals and engine logic
>>> Doc: Combine the extending QML tutorial chapters into a single example
>>* qtgraphicaleffects bdd7e47...f230234 (1):
>>> Document DropShadow and Glows transparentBorder properties.
>>* qtquickcontrols 428adaf...d848130 (7):
>>> Declare qtquickcontrols as free of warnings
>>> Doc: add platform notes for Android
>>> Android: implement non-native MenuBar
>>> ToolBar: add support for a stylable menu button
>>> Allow sharing menu items
>>> qquickmenu: add support for providing a target rect to __popup()
>>> Doc: add docs for Widget Gallery example
>>* qtscript 14710df...b5d82db (1):
>>> Fix MinGW64 build
>>* qtwayland 5f718c7...d480db1 (1):
>>> Support the creation of >= 3.x OpenGL contexts
>>* qtwebengine fa05ae7...485e496 (1):
>>> Create a QCoreApplication in QtWebEngineProcess as well.
>>* qtwebkit eb47b1a...4d767a2 (2):
>>> (un)shiftCountWithAnyIndexingType will start over in the middle of
>>copying if it sees a hole
>>> DFG 32Bit: Crash loading "Classic" site @ translate.google.com
>>https://codereview.qt-project.org/#/c/95821/ :
>>Patch Set 13:
>>* qtbase 8f25196...5d36c74 (48):
>>> uic: Add QOpenGLWidget.
>>> Make QRegion::shared_empty const
>>> xcb: Fix detecting the fullscreen state from _NET_WM_STATE flags
>>> Fix build when using -Werror
>>> Update the detection of when to log to stderr
>>> Revert "winrt: Remove depth/stencil from the default window format"
>>> ANGLE: Upgrade to 2.1~abce76206141
>>> vcxproj: fix custom build steps in different build variants
>>> introduce VCFilter::findFile
>>> remove unused member VCFilter::CustomBuild
>>> cocoa: override new QPlatformMenu::popup() function
>>> Do not use Q_COMPILER_CLASS_ENUM for gcc 4.4
>>> xcb: Fix logic for minimized state
>>> Windows: Fix call of ToUnicode
>>> Fix font enumeration, with the same family name, on Windows.
>>> QSslCertificate: fold a string literal correctly
>>> Dont check for EINTR after calling QT_READ / QT_WRITE
>>> Fix handling of IPv6 addresses in QUrl::fromUserInput
>>> Android: Add function to change the stacking order in the layout.
>>> Android: Add findClass() function to the QJNIEnvironmentPrivate class.
>>> Android: Improve the foreign-window implementation
>>> create_cmake: Make the warning actually useful.
>>> make -force-debug-info work for objective C
>>> direct2d: Optimize dashed line drawing
>>> direct2d: Fix composition mode support
>>> update bundled sqlite to
>>> Widgets: remove references to QStyleOptionFrameV<n>
>>> tst_QSslError: cleanup unused functions
>>> Add a way for qmake + configure to link dynamically to the CRT
>>> Clean up QImage::Format switches
>>> Fix smooth scaling of large QImages
>>> Doc: Restructure "Signal & Slots" article
>>> Doc: Remove irrelevant sections from "Signals & Slots"
>>> QIOSInputContext: animate screen from current transformation
>>> QIOSInputContext: change keyboard rect when focus window changes
>>> QIOSInputContext: report keyboard rect relative to focus window
>>> Refactored qt_normalizePathSegments
>>> Balloon tip must follow systemtray icon
>>> Silence moc warnings about argument mismatch
>>> iOS: dont show popup on call to setVisible
>>> iOS: add support for submenus
>>> iOS: dont show separator in native menus
>>> Doc: 2 minor corrections in corelib/plugin
>>> remove pointless initializations
>>> simplify VCXProjectWriter::outputFileConfig a bit
>>> simplify VCXProjectWriter::outputFileConfig a bit
>>> Use the correct QMake spec when running config tests
>>> Fix MSVC2013-compiler warnings with QT_NO_FILESYSTEMWATCHER
>>* qtconnectivity b7f4825...e31e060 (8):
>>> Update image for NFC poster example
>>> Fix tr()-context in src/bluetooth/qbluetoothservicediscoveryagent_qnx.
>>> QtBluetooth : pingpong example on OS X
>>> Dont permit write of non-existing or empty data via socket
>>> Fix pingpong example
>>> Add \since tag to NFC classes which didnt have the tag yet
>>> Add \since to all Qt Bluetooth classes which didnt have the tag yet
>>> Make it more obvious that QLowEnergy* classes are Tech preview
>>* qtdeclarative 40f76f9...c2c710e (12):
>>> Fix build when using -Werror
>>> Add orientationUpdateMask to QQuickScreen
>>> Revert "Temporarily mark grab()/item.layer tests insignificant under
>>> Partially revert "Disable tests on failing ANGLE config"
>>> Fix example in scope documentation
>>> Also search for visual children in TestCase::findChild().
>>> Give Item::layer documentation some much needed love.
>>> qmlimportscanner: allow a qmlFile to come from stdin
>>> Doc: Replace VisualDataModel with DelegateModel
>>> Updated calqlatr demo
>>> Doc: Add docs for Clocks example
>>> Reset invalidatePending after the FBO has been recreated.
>>* qtenginio f652892...2b93eb4 (2):
>>> Add QML documentation for OAuth2 identification
>>> qdoc: Correct some links in QtEnginio
>>* qtlocation f3edb62...b90e043 (3):
>>> Updated the request URL to use https instead of http
>>> Fix non-standard \since tag in QGeoAreaMonitorInfo
>>> Fix fitViewportToMapItemsRefine when the map solely contains
>>* qtmultimedia c1c205b...7f1f5ed (10):
>>> Updated snapshots for qmlvideo example documentation
>>> Merge "Merge remote-tracking branch origin/5.3 into 5.4" into
>>> GStreamer: fix artist-related metadata keys.
>>> GStreamer: fix QMediaPlayer metadata signals.
>>> Add metadata test for qmediaplayerbackend auto-test.
>>> Android: fix some problems with the media player.
>>> Improve audiorecorder example.
>>> Use QCameraInfo in camera example.
>>> QMLVideo Example visual update
>>> Remove QuickTime backend.
>>* qtquickcontrols 1a1a19f...428adaf (3):
>>> Sticky virtual keyboard for TextField.
>>> Button: trigger menu on touch release
>>> Doc: link to "Qt Quick Dialogs" from "Qt Quick Controls"
>>* qtscript 5b87292...14710df (2):
>>> Fix QNX build
>>> Fix C++11 build of qtscript
>>* qtsensors 1be9fc2...4756a79 (1):
>>> Add \since tag to QtSensor classes.
>>* qttools 49e7591...a1ca5b4 (5):
>>> Qt Designer: Add QOpenGLWidget.
>>> windeployqt: Deploy software rasterizer for dynamic Open GL builds.
>>> Removed run-time library for the QML compiler
>>> Improve how macdeployqt calls qmlimportscanner
>>> Update license headers and add new license files
>>* qtwayland 75cda1d...5f718c7 (2):
>>> Send also repeat key release events
>>> Use the screen resolution to determine whether a screen is portrait
>>* qtwebengine f3500da...fa05ae7 (9):
>>> Doc: Edited docs according to writing guidelines.
>>> Import the Qt WebKit porting guide from the wiki
>>> Various doc tweaks
>>> Update chromium submodule.
>>> [Win] Use automatic destruction for PbufferGLSurfaceWGL.
>>> Unskip QWebEngineSettings::JavascriptCanOpenWindows related tests
>>> Prevent OS X from picking a wrong version of clang from the env
>>> Remove IOBlootooth.h import from chromium source.
>>> Add Desktop OpenGL backend for Windows
>>* qtwebkit f69ddfa...eb47b1a (5):
>>> Implement ICU availability check in qtwebkit
>>> <https://webkit.org/b/120079> Flattening a dictionary can cause
>>CopiedSpace corruption
>>> Detect PowerPC little-endian architecture
>>> REGRESSION: `if (false === (true && undefined)) console.log("wrong!");`
>>logs "wrong!", shouldnt!
>>> REGRESSION: Crash when opening Facebook.com
>>* qtwebkit-examples 6daf858...70bd4d5 (1):
>>> Remove qtdemo from gitignore
>>* qtwebsockets 4301d62...f617556 (1):
>>> Improve the integration of QtWebsockets into general Qt docs
>>* qtwinextras 7fe7f50...26a8af4 (1):
>>> Fix for QWinThumbnailToolBar GDI leak
>>Best regards,
>>Jani Heikkinen
>>Release Manager | The Qt Company
>>The Qt Company / Digia Finland Ltd, Elektroniikkatie 10, 90590 Oulu,
>>Email: jani.heikkinen at theqtcompany.com
>>www.qt.io |Qt Blog: http://blog.qt.digia.com/ | Twitter: @QtbyDigia,
>>@Qtproject Facebook: www.facebook.com/qt

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