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It is time to bring the old topic to table:

Some of you might have noticed that during the last couple of nights there was an e-mail with "[Qt CI Nightly] " title sent to the ci-reports at qt-project.org mailing list. That was a status e-mail from CI pointing to Qt5 nightly build logs and test results. Same data can be found from QtMetrics also.
Now that the push notification is working, we will proceed with the original plan described by Frederik in his e-mail linked above, to disable auto tests from Qt5 integration. After that it will be build test only and possible test regression is found nightly.
Please also do notice that, nightly build has no 'forcesuccess' nor 'qt.test.insignificant' properties, so the result is actually worse than what you see from integration builds, where some of the tests are forced to succeed or marked as insignificant.


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