[Development] Qt 5.4.0 Beta snapshot available

Heikkinen Jani jani.heikkinen at theqtcompany.com
Tue Oct 14 11:08:54 CEST 2014

Hi all,

We have finally updated content in Qt5.4 beta snapshot packages. 

Linux packages are here: http://download.qt-project.org/snapshots/qt/5.4/5.4.0-beta/2014-10-13_44/ 
Most of windows ones here: http://download.qt-project.org/snapshots/qt/5.4/5.4.0-beta/2014-10-14_40/ 
Unfortunately mac packages aren't there yet but coming later today here: http://download.qt-project.org/snapshots/qt/5.4/5.4.0-beta/2014-10-14_36/ 

Packages should have final beta content in but we need to re-create packages for beta to be able to fix few packaging related bugs (like https://bugreports.qt-project.org/browse/QTBUG-41794, https://bugreports.qt-project.org/browse/QTBUG-41914, missing windows packages...)

Plan is to release Qt5.4.0 Beta this Thursday if nothing serious found during testing the packages. So please start testing the packages & inform me immediately if you find something which really blocks the release. But remember: This is just a beta & so on there can be pretty bad bugs in. As written earlier: 'The purpose of the beta is offer first installers with new APIs & functionalities for the wider audience to test & start using those. Beta blockers are those bugs which prevents users to do that'

Qt5 changes in this snapshot:
Patch Set 16:

* qtactiveqt dca3da2...21b122f (2):
> Doc: Applied title case to section1 titles
> Adapt web browser example to new web site.

* qtbase f5f300b...e3bfd9b (88):
> QMacStyle: Use NSRect instead of CGRect in drawNSViewInRect()
> prevent if_nametoindex being called with empty string
> QSettings: undo unintentional change of config dir on non-XDG platforms.
> Use :- instead of - for empty environment variables
> Remove duplicate of clang + libc++ mkspec
> qiosclipboard: take ownership over mime data
> Account for the country/language settings when checking for duplicates
> OS X: rename special menu items instead of duplicating
> Android: Make memory handling in QClipboard consistent with iOS
> DPI-scale PM_SubMenuOverlap after all
> Fix patching of installation date
> QMenu: ensure that a menu items icon can be removed dynamically
> Fix memory leak in QClipboard::setMimeData()
> Android: Return empty mime data instead of 0 from empty clipboard
> Android: Support QSysInfo::productVersion()
> Gcc 4.5.* build fix.
> Improve threadedqopenglwidget example.
> Disable tst_qhostinfo on OS X.
> Print warning when unable to query physical screen size
> Add a warning when using QOpenGLWidget as a native child
> Add information about unsupported SSL protocol when creating context.
> Prevent parsing of SSL certificates from 0-size buffers.
> Android: Fix memory leak in QClipboard::setMimeData()
> Android: Support QClipboard::clear()
> Android: Thread fix/optimization
> Android: null pointer check
> Android: Dont call requestLayout() when changing the geometry.
> Removing a few unneeded "? true : false"
> Dont stream QStringLiterals into QDebug
> QFactoryLoader: de-duplicate two QStringLiterals
> Dont use QStringLiteral in startsWith/endsWidth
> Dont use QStringLiteral in comparisons
> Dont use QByteArrayLiteral in comparisons
> moc: dont use QByteArrayLiteral
> Fix license text and URLs in QMessageBox::aboutQt().
> Fix executable name of mousebuttons example.
> fix VS 2008 project file generation
> fix vcxproj generation for CONFIG-=flat
> QCss: mark many classes as movable
> QCss: Move declaration of ValueExtractor
> QCss: unexport some classes
> iOS: add system palette
> Add text ranges to QGlyphRunPrivate
> WinCE: fix DLL build errors with CONFIG+=console
> qdoc: Fix generation of qhp sections for unsorted pages
> Change documentation links to point to qt.io.
> Utilize Q_FORWARD_DECLARE_OBJC_CLASS in QCocoaFileDialogHelper.
> Fix compilation of MIPS with Clang
> Add Cinnamon to the list of Gtk+-based DEs
> MSVC: Restore public accessibility of QVariant member functions.
> Clean up the CFTypes used in popuplateFamily
> Correct devicePixelRatio for software OpenGL
> Merge "Merge remote-tracking branch origin/5.3 into 5.4" into refs/staging/5.4
> Doc: deletion plugin-howtos.qdoc
> Fix native GTK2 dialogs to receive focus
> pass windows/console linker flags to DLLs and executables
> Allow using pkg-config on OS X/iOS using explicit -pkg-config to configure
> Do not re-create windows during application shutdown
> Windows DirectWrite: Fix off-by-one in font descent
> Rename internal enum value to avoid clashing with Xlib
> Fix QTextInlineObject class documentation
> QSizePolicy: remove an outdated comment
> QBrush: be more robust in detach()
> Stabilize tst_qwizard.
> tst_QFiledialog::completer(): Avoid directories starting with c.
> iOS: Set up default Info.plist to support all interface orientations
> iOS: Properly scope window deactivation on resignFirstResponder
> Android: Hide vkb when IM disabled for focus object
> Fix the text field alignment.
> Enable the qmdiarea test on X11
> Pass a sized format when creating multisampled renderbuffers on ES
> Refactor tst_QFiledialog::completer().
> QRegion: fix a valgrind warning
> Remove wrong unneeded definition in qopenglextensions_p.h
> iOS: Move statusbar visibility handling to QIOSViewController
> Revert "Dont generate documentation for classes which are not available"
> Doc: Removed a few references to the outdated features
> Update the signal and slots docs
> Windows: Transform regions of window masks correctly.
> Warn when loading opengl32sw.dll fails
> Android: Dont include Apache code under LGPLv2 license
> Remove existence test for LICENSE.LGPL3
> configure: Disable pkg-config on OS X unless explicitly requested
> Use PopupMenu when possible.
> Merge "Merge remote-tracking branch origin/5.3 into 5.4" into refs/staging/5.4
> Logging: Disable tracking of debug source info for release builds
> Doc: fix misleading documentation of QProcess::set[Process]Environment
> Fix regression in metric calculation of text with mnemonics

* qtconnectivity 7d1de5c...0a3b017 (6):
> QBluetoothTransferReply - fix a memory leak.
> Improve QBluetoothSocket::close() documentation
> Doc: Applied title case to section1 titles
> Improve QML Chat example UI
> Add new QML Chat example to Bluetooth module example list
> Remove nfctestserver test application

* qtdeclarative 125c964...099ae05 (23):
> Improve performance of animators.
> Fix issues with Keyboard Focus documentation.
> Stabilize and fix comparisons in animator tests.
> PathView: Fix QML engine thinking currentItem is null when its not
> Fix QQmlExpression/QQmlScriptString/QQmlBinding crashes
> Return the content position rounded on the right side
> Export QQuickKeyNavigationAttached as a part of the private API
> Make QQuickKeyNavigationAttached respect user set values
> Doc: Updated the QML State Machine docs
> Doc: Updated the \brief and detailed description
> Fix memory leak and crash with transform animators.
> Remove alpha channel from images that doesnt actually have alpha.
> Compare doesnt work for colors, so compare the channels explcitily.
> Relax ShaderEffectSources sourceItem vs window handling.
> Fix missing glyphs in selection
> Temporarily skip tst_qquickframebufferobject when using ANGLE.
> QQuickWindow autotest: focus transferred to parent on window close
> Prevent removeFirst call on empty list.
> use the new form of QTranslator::load() for more flexibility
> documentation for qmldir "depends" declaration
> qmlimportscanner: parse "depends" lines in qmldir files
> qmldir parser: add support for "depends component version" syntax
> Partially revert d9c531781e6c95f80681b3c82700833e1de88794

* qtdoc 28618df...e65928a (6):
> Doc: Update Qt licensing documentation
> Doc: Add Qt WebEngine Widgets to the .qdocconf
> Doc: plugins-howto moved to qtdoc/doc/src/howtos
> Doc: Fixed issues related to qhp in the .qdocconf file
> Doc: apply title case for section1 qdoc
> Make the Example and Tutorial overview more consistent

* qtenginio 2b93eb4...bfb460f (1):
> Doc: apply title case in section1 qtenginio

* qtgraphicaleffects f230234...9e9600d (2):
> Doc: Applied title case in section1 titles
> Correct grammar in DropShadows detailed description.

* qtlocation b90e043...bbb2aa8 (1):
> Doc: Applied title case to section1 titles

* qtmultimedia 7f1f5ed...ca94dc7 (2):
> GStreamer: fix QMediaRecorder::duration() when recording with a camera
> AVFoundation: fix media player video rendering in QML.

* qtqa 112d2e6...1a1212f (1):
> Adapt license check exclusion list to new location of wayland examples.

* qtquickcontrols d848130...045c1c9 (33):
> QQuickRenderControl is now in public headers
> DefaultMessageDialog: ensure contentColumn initial width
> Dialogs: fix warning in DefaultWindowDecoration
> TableView: correct event.accepted in key handlers
> QQuickPopupWindow: dont create 1x1 windows
> Dialogs: Use native rendering on non-mobile platforms
> Improve Tab documentation.
> Controls: Fixed support for Keys attached property on TableView
> iOS: let TableViewStyle use aliases
> iOS style: enhance cursor delegate
> gallery: cleanup old code commented out
> gallery: cleanup whitespace
> gallery: fix title
> gallery: get rid of the dummy child window
> gallery: cleanup the menubar
> add support for setting cursor delegate through style
> iOS style: add cursor delegate to text items
> Add "Styles" example
> Doc: Fix documentation issues for Qt Quick Dialogs
> Gallery example: remove the "Layouts" tab
> Get the popup mouse position for the right screen
> iOS style: let TableViewStyle inherit ScrollViewStyle
> iOS style: let TextAreaStyle inherit ScrollViewStyle
> ToolBar: fix the right margin
> iOS: enhance scrollviewstyle for iOS
> ScrollViewStyle: add internal __stickyScrollbars property
> Doc: Fix code snippet in ComboBox documentation
> ApplicationWindow: top level items must get focus when they ask for it.
> Table View Example: Sort indicator for the custom header delegate
> QtQuick.Dialogs depends on Qt.labs.folderlistmodel, Qt.labs.settings
> gallery: cleanup the main
> gallery: cleanup system palette usage
> iOS: fix ToolButtonStyle

* qtscript b5d82db...db84d17 (1):
> Fix MinGW build (even more)

* qtsensors 4756a79...ff98a9a (1):
> Doc: Applied title case in section1 titles

* qtserialport ef8ed35...14fe584 (1):
> Doc: Applied title case in section1 titles

* qtsvg bf249ab...2f0fabd (1):
> Doc: Applied title case to section1 titles

* qttools a1ca5b4...8f03d0b (7):
> Update copyright year in "About" dialogs to 2014.
> uic4: update sources from current generate_ui
> macdeployqt: fix checking for existing deployed files.
> windeployqt: Add support for QtWebEngine.
> Qt Designer: Load translations only when designer_<LANG>.qm is present.
> windeployqt: Use Qt5Gui.dll to detect ANGLE/OpenGL.

* qttranslations 00692d7...b9481cf (5):
> Update Russian translation
> Update German translations for 5.4.
> revert addition of declarative and quickcontrols to meta catalogs
> remove unnecessary LICENSE.GPLv2
> Merge remote-tracking branch origin/5.3 into 5.4

* qtwayland d480db1...5558b42 (6):
> Move examples into wayland subdirectory.
> Pass the relevant serial when setting the selection
> Fix the compositors wayland versioning
> Remove duplicate size property declaration
> Fix shm windows sometimes not showing after being hidden
> Call ::exit() from the gui thread only

* qtwebchannel a79f70e...e8c280a (3):
> Revert "Added some more examples"
> Added some more examples
> Fix static builds and building of tests

* qtwebengine 485e496...d44b90f (22):
> Do not run Callback for already canceled URLRequests.
> Bounds check the zoom factor before we pass it along.
> Revert "Allow more generic platform names for linux based platforms."
> Notify canGoBack/canGoForward on urlChanged instead of loadingChanged.
> Doc: Correct snippets for QWebEngineView API doc.
> Disable Downloads for now.
> Accessibility: Table interface
> Allow more generic platform names for linux based platforms.
> Replace QStringLiteral with QLatin1String where appropriate
> Fix WebContentsAdapater::requestedUrl() function
> Fix loadFinished signal in case of interrupting error page loading
> Fix WebEngineSettings::setDefaultTextEncoding()
> Update build configuration for eLinux after update to Chromium 37.
> gfx::LoadLibrary has been replaced in Chromium by base::LoadNativeLibrary.
> Update OzonePlatformEglfs after update to Chromium 37.
> Examples: Fix warnings in webenginewidgets/browser example.
> Examples: Replace deprecated Q_WS_MAC defines with Q_OS_OSX.
> Unskip the working tests in tst_qwebengineframe.cpp
> Doc: Fix issues in .qdocconf files
> Doc: Use proper module name for Qt WebEngine Widgets
> Provide a fallback for the QtWebEngineProcess executable path.
> Update submodule SHA1 with Win64 desktop OpenGL fix.

* qtwebkit 4d767a2...2b23baa (8):
> Support building QtTestBrowser without QtTestSupport
> Fix uninitialized access
> Fix uninitialized access in RenderTable
> Fix assertion in PerformanceTiming
> Fix valgrind warning about uninitialized access
> Fix noicu build of GLX graphics surface
> Fix rare build regression in WebKit2
> Support DynamicGL builds

* qtwinextras 26a8af4...3d24906 (1):
> Remove setting of the default identifier from QWinJumpList.

* qtxmlpatterns eef0ba6...045028f (2):
> Doc: Applied title case to section1 titles
> Polish schema example.

Best regards,
Jani Heikkinen
Release Manager | The Qt Company

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