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> Hello dear developers!
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> CPack IFW generator generates installers using QtIFW.
> You can try this using the latest version for developers.
> http://www.cmake.org/files/dev
> Or wait CMake version 3.1.0-rc1.

Very nice :)

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> If You have any questions, ask them here or email me personally.

It would be certainly nice to link to this feature from the Qt Installer Framework documentation. For Qt Creator / Qt documentation, it's not clear to me in which depth this should be documented, since the functionality is not really specific to developers using Qt: People might as well use one of the other backends available in cpack, right?

To rephrase: Are there strong reasons apps using Qt + cmake should prefer the new ifw backend, compared to the other backends available?

Also, what's the time frame for CMake version 3.1.0 ? I don't want to add links to a yet unreleased feature ...


Kai Koehne

> Hope to communicate with the people responsible for creating
> documentation.
> (Sorry for my poor English)
> Regards,
> Konstantin Podsvirov
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