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Sean Harmer sean.harmer at kdab.com
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On 16/10/2014 11:56, Ayberk Özgür wrote:
> Dear Qt Developers,
> We're the Computer Human Interaction in Learning and Instruction
> laboratory at Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne. We're beginning
> to use Qt as a framework for cross-platform tangible interfaces,
> augmented reality and robotics applications. We'll be using stock +
> custom QML modules, Android and Qt3D heavily.
> Documentation on Qt3D is scattered and I would like to know, if
> possible, the current approximate roadmap for Qt3D.

We're planning on releasing Qt3D 2.0 along with Qt 5.5 and hopefully 
having a tech preview release this year. The 2.0 release will include 
the rendering and basic mouse/keyboard input aspects. Additional aspects 
such as skeletal animation, physics, 3d positional audio etc will come 
with later releases.

The renderer itself is fully configurable from data defined either in 
QML or C++ and there is support for configurable materials defined by 
effects that allow different techniques ot be used on different systems.

If you wish to try it out it is being actively worked on in the 
wip/newapi branch. If you have any more specific questions then please 
feel free to ask here or on the #qt-3d channel on irc.

Kind regards,


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