[Development] Platform maintainers

Knoll Lars Lars.Knoll at theqtcompany.com
Thu Oct 16 21:49:52 CEST 2014

+1 from my side. Both have been very active on the port, and we've seen
with Qt Network that a shared maintainership can work well.


On 16/10/14 13:44, "Vladimir Minenko" <vminenko at blackberry.com> wrote:

>In addition to the below, I would suggest adding Rafael Roquetto as a
>second maintainer for the QNX platform. Rafael was tightly involved in the
>development of Qt5 for QNX and is working on several customer projects
>using Qt on QNX.
>On 26.09.14 14:04, "Vladimir Minenko" <vminenko at blackberry.com> wrote:
>>On 25.09.14 12:17, "Knoll Lars" <Lars.Knoll at digia.com> wrote:
>>>QNX is open for the moment, Iā€™d love to hear proposals.
>>I propose Bernd Weimer for this role. Bernd has a long-term experience
>>working with Qt in general and was developing many core elements of the
>>current QPA for QNX. I know only very few other persons who know this
>>at a comparable level and/or worked on it that much.
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