[Development] QtRemoteObjects (was Replicant)

Milian Wolff milian.wolff at kdab.com
Fri Oct 17 11:50:51 CEST 2014

On Friday 17 October 2014 11:31:10 Sumedha Widyadharma wrote:
> Hi,
> cool stuff :)
> Do you think it would be possible to use run-time introspection à la
> QtWebChannel and dynamic signals/slots to get rid of the pre-processor?
> (see: http://doc.qt.digia.com/qq/qq16-dynamicqobject.html)
> I've had ideas like that for a QtWebChannel C++ client library. Haven't
> tried it though.

Qt RemoteObjects is very different from Qt WebChannel - it gives you a 
typesafe C++ interface. Qt WebChannel does some similar things but only 
constructs a dynamic JavaScript object via introspection. There is no way to 
use that directly from C++, esp. not in a typesafe manner.

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