[Development] [QtIFW] CPack IFW Generator

Stephen Kelly steveire at gmail.com
Sun Oct 19 15:23:01 CEST 2014

Konstantin Podsvirov wrote:

> Thank you! This is what I need.
> I have a Gerrit account (user: kot). But I haven't contributed in Qt code.
> What sequence of actions? What instruction I to read?
>> I can also create a patch with boilerplate topics or sections where you
>> can add the information. For planning purposes, do you have information
>> about the generator somewhere that I could look at?
> A working version of CMake is not accompanied by a public documentation,

Documentation generated from the master branch is updated daily here:


>> Also, what's the time frame for CMake version 3.1.0 ? I don't want to add
>> links to a yet unreleased feature ...

The roadmap says early November:  


but it's likely to slip some weeks if past experience is a good forecast.

Whatever is true about additions to the Qt documentation, the CPackIFW 
generator looks like it should get a mention in 


One option would be to add primary prose there and link to that from 



The CMake documentation can be loaded in creator


and CMake releases will include a qch file from now on. Eg




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