[Development] [FYI] new git-gpush features, a.k.a. the smart way of pushing to gerrit

Kalinowski Maurice Maurice.Kalinowski at theqtcompany.com
Fri Oct 24 12:28:42 CEST 2014

> > Anyways, you missed the chance to convince people from the
> awesomeness
> > of your script before pissing everybody off with your megalomania.
> >
> i don't need to convince anyone of its awesomeness - the script will do that
> itself. otoh, your obstinate refusal to even try it doesn't speak for *your*
> character. in fact, it reminds me of a querulous, defiant child below ten.

Can we please put this discussion back on some sensible ground?

Oswald, your proposal touches every developers' daily workflow. Hence you should have been aware that concerns are raised by many people. So far your arguments were given by throwing loose bullet points to the list, which requires each reader to interpret the scenarios, but also the solution involved by using git-gpush. Could you please provide some more details on what is ongoing there? Maybe just point to previous mails on the list when you introduced it initially, if that is sufficient.

Furthermore one of the concerns is to change the workflow with git compared to other projects beside Qt. After all, it is different commands to be used when pushing to Qt gerrit if your proposal is accepted. So the benefits clearly have to outweigh those process changes.

IIRC Thiago has been one of persons using it in the past, has it been seen beneficial or causing problems? What is the impression by others who have actually tested it so far?

My personal concern was that I am forced to use the msysgit shell on Windows, which so far I managed to stay away from. But private discussion between the two of us revealed that this should not be required.


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